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Sister Sledge 2024: Groovin’ at The Great New York State Fair

Heads up, fairgoers! The Great New York State Fair is about to get groovy. Get ready to dance! Sister Sledge 2024, the amazing singing sisters from Philly, are coming to Chevy Court on Friday, August 23rd at 6 pm. These ladies are disco royalty, and they’re bringing the party atmosphere. It’s gonna be fun!

Sister Sledge 2024
Sister Sledge 2024

Meet the Sledge Sisters

Imagine this: Three super-talented sisters, Kathy, Debbie, and Kim Sledge, singing songs that make you wanna shake your hips and belt along at the top of your lungs. Their album “We Are Family” from back in ’79 was … Read more at Joni Sledge Online

Exploring the Power of Fan Base App: A Guide for Fans and Creators

Are you an ardent fan yearning for a more profound connection with your beloved creator or artist? Or perhaps you’re a content creator seeking a more impactful way to engage with your audience and monetize your work? Look no further than the influential Power of Fan Base App. This groundbreaking platform is revolutionizing the dynamics of fan-creator interaction, providing a dynamic and immersive experience for both parties involved. With its array of features like exclusive content, personalized messages, and virtual meet-and-greets, Fan Base has taken fan engagement to unprecedented heights. However, it’s important to note that Fan Base isn’t solely … Read more at Joni Sledge Online

Tiktok Alternatives Clapper FanBase and Likee

Tiktok is the most famous video-sharing app with many users; however, you must have heard the fire attacking this app. Recently, the U.S. threatened to ban it; this means the brands and people who depend on this app should be ready for anything or start considering other Tiktok Alternatives. Fortunately, the fame that came with TikTok inspired people to come up with other apps that can work precisely like TikTok, in that if the app is banned, you can find other places you can share your videos. Here are the various Tiktok Alternatives and what you should know about … Read more at Joni Sledge Online

Joni Sledge – We Love You

Joni Sledge Death Announcement
Read more at Joni Sledge Online

Grab Discount H&R Block Tax Software Before Prices Rise

Tax Software From H&R Block Is Affordable

For anyone still waiting to complete their taxes, it’s time to get started! With just a few weeks left, it is time to consider checking out Amazon for the latest H&R Block discount software.

Homeowners and investors should consider the 2015 H&R Block Deluxe with State Tax program. It can handle most situations that you are likely to encounter while doing your taxes. If you have a more complicated situation, such as being self employed or owning rental real estate, you will want to upgrade to the Platinum edition. Both versions are designedRead more at Joni Sledge Online

What is love?

What is love? Could it be really likened to a rosary that is full of mystery? Or is it really blind as the famous cliché says it is?

Love is an emotion that has fascinated mankind for centuries—Shakespeare wrote sonnets and tragedies of star-crossed lovers and painters dedicated canvasses detailing the beauty of this emotion. We are all intrigued by love, especially in our adolescent years where we are greatly influenced by our emotions, pressured with thoughts of growing up and surged with hormones.  Others say that falling in love is one of the most wonderful things that can … Read more at Joni Sledge Online

Every Tax Payer Should File Their Taxes On Their Own

Tax is personal. That is why every tax payer should file their taxes on their own. However, the accounting and the crunching of numbers that is required when filing your own tax is not everybody’s strength. We all know how these two may prove a challenge. That is why we have volunteers helping moderate-income workers to do their taxes. Have you considered to file taxes online 2013, check on volunteer tax assistants.

Why should you have a volunteer take you through your taxes? Through tax evaluation, low and moderate-income workers can get back their unclaimed tax credits and save … Read more at Joni Sledge Online

Joni Sledge : Official Home Page

Joni Sledge
Joni Sledge

Kim Sledge

My sister, Joni Sledge, is doing great working, being a wonderful wife to Mark and raising her three children. Her work on Soul Power, Be My Baby, and Ant and Dec’s are some of her proudest moments.

Circle of Sisters 2015 Concert

We are all very proud of the time we have spent with the Circle of Sisters (COS) in the past and hopefully in the near future. If you haven’t been to the largest women of color Expo in New York and the associated vendor area, fashion show and music events, you should make a … Read more at Joni Sledge Online