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What is love?

What is love? Could it be really likened to a rosary that is full of mystery? Or is it really blind as the famous cliché says it is?

Love is an emotion that has fascinated mankind for centuries—Shakespeare wrote sonnets and tragedies of star-crossed lovers and painters dedicated canvasses detailing the beauty of this emotion. We are all intrigued by love, especially in our adolescent years where we are greatly influenced by our emotions, pressured with thoughts of growing up and surged with hormones.  Others say that falling in love is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to a person. Everything around you is much rosier in color, you can’t help but smile even at the silliest of things and you look forward to spending time with your special someone.

For me, love is a poignant thought that leaves me pondering on how it could be beautiful yet hurt

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ful at the same time.

I remember this line from First Corinthians: “Love is patient, love is kind.” If someone asks how I would define love, this would be the perfect answer. For a long time, I’ve wondered how does love find its way? And I began to realize that there is love everywhere. The filial love you share with your family; platonic love for your beloved friends; the most popular romantic love and perhaps the greatest is our Creator’s love for His every creation. You don’t need to look far because just a step away, there is always someone willing to give you more than hug, kisses and comfort. It might be your nagging and loving mother, your annoying best friend or that adorable dog, welcoming you with warmth, hugs and happy licks. Or it might be that funny guy who told you “I love you” and gave you a single rose. Who knows?

I knew someone who fell in love but alas, it was unrequited. Despite all of the things that he did, I was speechless that she’ll be the happiest if he was well and happy himself. She wished him the best of things when they parted ways and didn’t live one trace of regret for loving him. She told me that it was part of the process of living and loving. That was when I realized and said to myself: “This is true love.”

Love is not just a four-letter word that is associated with rainbows, chocolates, roses and the fourteenth of February. It is about accepting the fact that when there is happiness, there is sadness; there is pleasure and hurt; there is giving and taking. It is when you’ve accepted someone wholeheartedly, without misgivings about his imperfections and still be with him at the lowest point of his life. That’s what I’ve learned; and I’ll be sure to learn more every single day. When you’ve come to known the reality of love and still say “I love you” with a smile and a sparkle in your eye, then it is love.

“It is better to have loved than never to have loved at all.”

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