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Whale Sharks, the biggest fish in the sea

One of the biggest fishes in the sea can now be found in the surrounding sea of Oslob which is located in the south part portion of the province of Cebu. They (whale sharks) have been in the area for quite some time and that is because of the water’s temperature which is apparently very suitable for them and the abundance of food for them like krill and plankton. Because of obvious whale shark siting in their area, local fishermen are safe guarding them to make sure that they are secured at all times and away from harm.

Because of such activity in the open sea of Oslob, the government made use of the resources that they have and make it a tourist attraction where they (tourists) can tag along with those magnificent creatures. Watch the whale shark in Oslob activity then boomed time after time as there has been an increase of tourist visits each year. It is unlikely for such creatures to appear domesticated as local fishermen feed them with krill as their passengers (tourists) take photos and or videos along with a whale shark. Free diving in the water and recreational scuba diving is allowed with the guidance of licensed divers and with the locals taking good care of the place. There are no other places in the world wherein whale sharks just stay in that same spot and wait for humans to tag along with them. 

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