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Varieties Of Wellness And Fitness Programs

There are many fitness programs that help people to live a stress free life. People get several treatments for their diseases from wellness programs. You can get various motivational cures from the wellness programs. Institute of East West Wellness can provide you a basic information about health and fitness programs.

Level I: Understanding programs, including newsletters, health festivals, screening sessions, education classes, along with other activities that raise individual understanding the consequences of unhealthy conducts

Level II: Specific programs with regard to lifestyle modification, including fitness software programs, back exercises, and the such as, characterized by active employee guidance in adopting health-promoting behaviors

Degree III: Programs that create environments in which individuals can sustain healthy lifestyles over over time, including the provision of fitness gyms at the workplace, making healthy food choices available, and removing unhealthy food from the workplace.

From these three ranges, fourth-generation programs evolved, variously called total health programs, comprehensive health promotion programs, or health and also productivity management programs. Johnson & Johnson‘s Live for Life program represents among the earliest comprehensive wellness programs. Three key the different parts of the J&J program are health risk assessment, creative educational units, and physical fitness training.

Health risk assessments may include analyzes of stress management, health, nutrition, safety, and ergonomics, along with the assessments are used to determine the individual’s strengths and weak points. In the educational units, lots of media is used to offer education on such topics as weight management, smoking cessation, women’s health troubles, and blood pressure management, between other health-related subjects.

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