Understanding Jack Russell Terrier

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            The high dynamism and natural intelligence of the Jack Russell breed can sometimes lead to a tenacious streak that can make training your pet more challenging. The naturally stubborn nature of these dogs forces them to try to "do their own thing" and work contrary to your commands, even once they've taken the time to learn the rules. If you want to know more about <a href="">Jack Russell terrier puppies for sale</a> you may want to look in nearby local pet shops or referring to internet is also a reliable option.<br /><br />Regular training can help to establish an appropriate pattern of behavior so be sure to stay firm in your expectations and support correct behavior with plenty of praise and reward. Just don't ever overlook for a moment that the number one rule of your family is that you must be consistent in imposing the rules of the house.<br /><br />Understanding the breed of dog that you have selected is one of the most essential keys to proper training, so you should know that Jack Russell, have solid hunting instincts that could force them to attack small animals or run away often to chase down a odor. Appropriately training your Jack Russell will help your pet restrain these urges but can never wholly reverse the instinct to chase. <br />Moreover keep in mind that Jack Russell terriers have been known to hunt other small pets like gerbils or hamsters and so possessing them in separate areas of the house may help prevent any ill-fated accidents when these two come across each other unintentionally.<br /><br />
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