Types Of Bulk Material Handling Conveyors

Types of Bulk Material Handling Conveyors

There are different types of systems available on the market. There is the gravity conveyor, which is one of the basic models that utilize gravity to transport a product. This type of system is mostly used on assembly, and shipping and receiving lines. Another type of system is the belt conveyor, this is one of the more popular models available. The product rides on a belt through the assembly process, and is transported by a belt through the assembly line process. A belt conveyor can be used for high speed assembly lines that needs high speed sorting and packing solutions.

Other types of bulk material handling conveyors include a chain-driven roller system. The speed can be set accordingly by the manufacturer. These types of systems are usually used to efficiently transport cartons or bottles or other types of products similar to these. The products are packed in the cartons and are sent down a roller system to be sealed and having the shipping information placed on the cartons.

The different types of bulk material handling conveyors are widely used systems, manufactured to meet the customer’s needs. The systems can be modified to include turns, and on the motorized systems the rate of speed can also be adjusted, faster or slower depending on the products being made, or shipped. The belts can have divisions in them where bulk products can ride without having to worry too much about products falling or spilling off. The belts are made of a variety of materials that can be used to transport hot or cold products.

The chain driven rollers can be made to not allow product to accumulate and build up a line pressure. This makes removal of items easy from any spot on the rollers.

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