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Things To Consider When Buying Vegan Foundation

Veganism is on the rise, especially recently with more and more animals becoming endangered and going extinct. While people are opting for a vegan lifestyle, make up brands have launched vegan make up product lines, separate from their organic lines. Vegan foundation is perhaps the most popular make up product. However, the following considerations need to be made before buying vegan foundation.


  • Analyse the company

Before looking at the product, go over the company’s mission and its goals. Companies that are producing eco friendly makeup may not be aiming for sustainability of the planet, or care for animal species. Such companies may not sell products that 100% vegan, or cruelty free. Dedicated companies will also be more transparent in terms of their processes and ingredients, and be open to questions. These companies will answer questions directly.

  • Plant based ingredients

To really know your product, take a detailed look at its ingredients. Usually, vegan companies create make up products using minerals and plant based ingredients, as a substitute for the animal based ingredients such as animal fat. Vegan products include ingredients such as natural oils, herb and nut extracts and minerals such as titanium and zinc.

  • Cruelty free vs  vegan

You may consider the product vegan, if it is certified by PETA as cruelty free, or has the leaping bunny logo. This is far from the reality. Cruelty free products reflect that the product has not been tested on an animal, but may contain animal based ingredients.

Make sure you take these things into account before buying a vegan foundation.

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