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The Gold IRA Rollover: Learn How to Invest Like a Billionaire

It’s been said that imitation is not only a great type of flattery, it is also the best way of learning and modeling on the success of others. If it is financial success you are looking for, what better role model could there be than a billionaire?

What Billionaires Know

Though their world views may have tiny in common, billionaires like George Soros, John Paulson, and Carlos Slim have all admitted to holding a part of their wealth in gold. Even Warren Buffet, who personally prefers what he calls “productive investments,” admits that gold has served investors well in the … Read more at Joni Sledge Online

How to Go About Gold Investing in IRAs

If you want to invest in IRA then make sure that you know the rules and regulations that govern it. You will be permitted to invest in your IRA account (traditional or Roth IRA) with a contribution limit of $5,000 for 2012 until you are 49 years old.

The process of gold investing in IRAs is not too difficult to accomplish. All-one needs to do is open a self-directed IRA account. This would require you to rollover funds out of your active retirement account when you have one or create a direct deposit. Because all IRAs must have a custodian … Read more at Joni Sledge Online