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Suggestions For DIY Wedding Invitations

Many couples are seeking ways to save funds on their weddings. Often they will select to design their own wedding invitations. While this may appear to be a clever decision, it often ends in frustration or a wedding invitation that does not rise to the importance of the occasion.

As stationers, several panicky couples drop in to our store each month for advice on how to fix their do-it-yourself wedding invitations. For example, couple who had paid a mate to design their wedding invitation sought our advice on selecting paper to print their invitation. Sadly, they explained that a full-bleed invitation (artwork design extended to the border of the print area) as well as a custom-cut invitation would be far over their limited budget allowed. You can also make your own wedding invitations.

Do-it-yourself Wedding Invitation Suggestions

It is most disappointing to see the anguish and panic that ensues when couples recognize that their cheap invitation has turned in to a nightmare. In our experience, only a few people are knowledgeable to design and print their invitations. Before you do so, it might be useful to consult a stationer in your neighborhood who usually carries several lines of attractively priced wedding invitations and can provide professional advice on styling and etiquette. For those who select to fly solo, find below some useful suggestions.

Always start with the paper. Lots of young couples focus on the design only to recognize late that they cannot find the “right” paper stock. Papers come in a variety of sizes and weights.

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