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Building and effective workforce is integral to the success of any business. With the right people on board, you can be confident that your team – from senior managers all the way down to technicians – is helping to drive your company in the direction you envision. But as any business owner knows, this doesn’t just happen by luck, it takes time and effort to carryout the necessary procedures required to recruit the best possible employees.


In many circumstances, it may not be viable for your company to take on full time staff to oversee HR processes, which is when staff outsourcing services can be highly beneficial. By outsourcing the hiring of contract staff or temporary workers, your business need not be burdened with long, arduous HR tasks, instead you be able to focus development and expansion, safe in the knowledge that your new workers are the most suitable for the position. 


In fact in many cases, even entire divisions of your business processes such as payroll and administration can be outsourced, which can allow your team to further concentrate on core business areas so your company can achieve its full potential. And by only paying only for the services used, instead of employing full time staff that experience large fluctuations in workload, Staff Outsourcing Services can give your company greater organizational flexibility and improved efficiency.


For those who own, or operate companies in Thailand, finding motivated staff can be a difficult. With the language and cultural barrier, sourcing new workers poses much more of challenge that it many in other countries, and even those with years of experience in HR can find the process frustrating.


If you’re looking to expand or streamline your workforce, and you don’t have a highly skilled HR team that understands local and foreign business culture, then outsourcing staff services to companies such as PRTR Outsource could be the ideal solution for you.


PRTR Outsource has access to an extensive database of talented managers, skilled workers, and labourers, it also operates a partner company that specializes in background checks, so you can be sure that each and every employee on their books is hard-working, and trustworthy.


In addition to staff outsourcing services, PRTR also provide payroll outsourcing, business process outsourcing, database recruitment, mass recruitment, research recruitment, and HR consultancy.


With over 2 decades of experience in providing HR assistance for companies in Thailand, PRTR has a developed a great reputation it outsourcing services and has grown to become one of the most prominent recruitment agencies in the Kingdom. Established in 1990 as a Thai/British venture built on the principles of management and operational structure of its successful British partner, PRTR has successfully adapted to the culture and business climate of the country. Now managing 5 offices in Bangkok and 2 along the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand, PRTR employees a total of 262 staff, as well as a further 41 support staff at client locations throughout the country. PRTR also has over 2,300 contract staff working at 145 different locations, and is responsible for overseeing the payroll of over 3200 staff at 61 different companies.


So, if you require all of part of your workforce to be outsourced, then contact PRTR Outsource today to see what it can do to streamline your organizational structure, and in turn, increase your revenues and profits.


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