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Similarities between Cigarettes And E-Cigarettes

            The new trending topic is Vape juice but very few people know that it was not invented recently. Its existence dates back to the 60s. It is the sudden awareness about it that has created waves in the market. Media was not so proliferated in the 60s. Today, with internet trends like e-cigarettes spread quickly. What are e-cigarettes really? Simply put, they are inhalers powered by batteries. The innovators have tried to replicate cigarette feel as much as possible. For instance, the burning of cigarette is represented by lighting of LED at the end of e-cigarettes.

How else is it similar? 1. Instead of tobacco, there is e-liquid inside. This liquid contains nicotine. So the smoker tends to get a similar kick. Smokers can choose a vape liquid with less or high nicotine content depending on how addicted they are. Along with that there are flavors which are extremely unique. They make the smokers enjoy the new experience even more. Chocolate, strawberry, milk and many such flavors are available. 2. Just as there is smoke emitted while puffing cigarettes, there is vapor emitted while using e-cigarettes. This is a good stimulation for people who want to quit smoking. Check their site that you've entrusted with your additional information.

Similarities between Cigarettes And E-Cigarettes by
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