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Some Safety Measures To Be Taken While Using Overhead Cranes

There are a large number of accidents involved when it comes to employing these heavy overhead cranes. The most common kinds of problems that may occur include tipping over, electrocution, an operator tumble and workers being struck by lifted material. As the tasks are being performed in an environment that is often hazardous, severe injuries and even deadly accidents are possible. The construction site accidents can be reduced by proper knowledge along with awareness.

Consider the following precautions to minimize the risks involved :

Hazard Inspection – Assess areas for possible hazards, such because the presence of overhead power traces, bystanders, soft ground, parked cars and trucks, overhanging tree branches, and transferring vehicles.

Overhead Clearance – Generate a ten-foot overhead clearance to give an ample quantity of safe swinging radius.

Training – Drivers must undergo training and become licensed before operating this unit. Browse through   for discovering important safety measures that should be considered while using an overhead crane.

Operational Knowledge – All drivers should be aware of inspections, system assessments, operating along with control techniques, operating parameters, level and distance judgment, hand signals, slinging principles, and the operation in general.

Lifting Limits – Avoid planning beyond the lifting capacity on the crane and always check force chart for this aspect.

Prior Inspection – Always conduct good inspection prior to each day’s activities and report any unusual findings. Inspections must include checking cords and booms for cracks and deformities as well as any problems with pins, mounting bolts, leaks, controls, outriggers, and signal lights.

Use Outriggers – Properly rig kit and fully engage the hydraulic system before you begin any task to avoid tipping over. Observe the outriggers whilst being lowered; put a board beneath outriggers when there are soft ground conditions. Avoid operating the boom in the event the hydraulic outriggers are not properly engaged in the right position.

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