Rental Cars And Personal Injury Lawsuits


Do you know that, in many states, not only is the operator of the at-fault vehicle responsible to anyone injured in an auto accident, but owner of the vehicle is responsible, as well? "Vicarious responsibility" is the term often used, meaning the owner is responsible for the negligence of an operator, when that operation occurs with the permission of the owner.

"Vicarious responsibility" is grounded in terms of "statutory liability," when the law of the state indicates that the owner is responsible, or in "common law liability," when the case law in that state holds that the owner is liable. Our website has more info on each states case law

This is extremely important when the vehicle at fault is leased.

Today, with a great number of cars and trucks on the road being driven on a lease basis, it is vital to hire an experienced attorney to go beyond the name on the registration to find out the exact owner of the vehicle. The fact is, that when a vehicle is leased from a big car company, the registration will simply bear the name of the user of the vehicle, the lessee. However, the actual owner of the vehicle, the lessor, is usually a major corporation with unlimited insurance coverage. 

It is unfortunate for the severely injured victim when a lawyer fails to uncover the at-fault vehicle's actual ownership and the additional insurance is never disclosed. Many times, however, that is exactly what happens.

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