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Relocating a Business to Germany

Germany is a world leader when it comes to being industrious, efficient and organised. Yes, you may laugh that this is a stereotype, but the Germans are superb at what they do and this has lead to a strong economy and success in all fields of business. The workforce here is world renowned for its skill, innovation and productivity and this has made Germany the worlds third largest economy. For anyone who is thinking about removals to Germany to relocate a business then here are a few things you should know.

Learn about the German economy. As the worlds biggest exporting nation it exports vehicles, chemicals, textiles, metals and foodstuffs. It is a big producer of iron, steel, coal, machinery, tools, electronics, food, drinks and more.

Consider employment in the IT industry. Information and technology is a strong point for Germany and as such it is the leader in internet commerce. 65% of marketing is conducted using the internet and Germany has the highest rate of internet access in the EU.

See the similarities and differences. British and German cultures are not at opposite sides of the pole as myth might have you believe. However, some British humour and being overly polite can be misunderstood by the Germans and is worth bearing in mind.

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