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Process Of Business Management

Business is the process of planning, coordinating and controlling. Behind every successful business, there is a business management team, whether it is one person or many. The main function for business management is to create sufficient value for its customers so that profits exceed its total cost. This department deals with all types of businesses. It is their duty to ensure that every department communicate and cooperate with each other so that everything runs smoothly.

Business managers play a key role in this process. It is necessary that business manager should have good problem-solving ability and skills. He should have proper knowledge in seven functional areas of business: production, accounting, management information systems, marketing, finance, human resources, and product research and development. They should interact with each of the employee to make them comfortable.

Time management is another one of the important skill which every business manager should have. Whenever a client handover any business, it is necessary for the business manager to give some rough time that will take to complete that work, is a good example of business manager who is responsible for financial consultant as well as relationship manager between two different companies or institutions.

Communication skills are of vital importance for business managers as in their daily life they have to deal with many different kinds of people including clients, customers and it is necessary for business managers to understand their needs. Hence these are the major factors for any successful business.

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