Movable Chicken Coops – A Convenient Option For Smaller Yards

If you’re going to raise a small number of chickens then movable chicken coop is the good option. A movable chicken house is just a triangle shaped house with nesting boxes at the top and a fenced grazing coop around the bottom. This allows the chickens to enjoy grass during the day and return to their nesting boxes.

These types of pens also provide easy access to the nesting boxes with panels on either side that may be put up for easy cleaning and to acquire the eggs. Once you are done, they can be locked back into position to maintain your birds and their eggs to secure and safe. And since the nature of these chicken coops allows them to be relocated any time, clean up after the chickens is minimal. You can gather more information about chicken coop plans at e-chickencoopplans site.

Moving chicken houses are strong, but also lightweight and generally have a handle on each end such that it could be transferred by two people, thus giving the chickens having a regular source of fresh grass at all times. And since portable coops are so little, they’re a fantastic solution for homeowners with no large amount of space to raise chickens.

These kinds of coops are usually no further than 6 feet long, so they really work very well in smaller yards. If that you do not anticipate buying a lot more than two to four chickens at any given time, a removable chicken house can be an option to contemplate.

Movable Chicken Coops - A Convenient Option For Smaller Yards by
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