Learn about Cats Facts for Kids

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            What do you know about cats? You may find that your list is not more than five facts you may think of by having seen a cat somewhere at one point. However, there is too much and funny facts you will be interested to know. You can get these facts from <a href=""></a>. Some people love keeping cats as pets while others cannot stand the sight of one; they will always beat them when they come across them. However, the cat has been seen to be the best friend any human being can have among the animals. <br /><br />Do you know where the keeping of the cats begun? If no, then do not worry because now you will know. History about cats is so sweet. It says that the African wildcat was the first to be domesticated among the cat family in a period of 5000 years ago. This was in Egypt, a country known in history for its farming. The main important crop that Egypt grew was grain and it was under threat of attack by rats and mice while in the stores. The cat was therefore supposed to hunt them down and keep their grain safe. This is just one of the many facts you will get to know here.<br /><br /> <br />Cats are one of the most popular, if not the most popular, among the pets kept in the globe and especially in America. These creatures are fun to watch since they can entertain themselves with just anything they get their way including empty cartons. There are approximately 40 known breeds of cats. While most people sleep for less than ten hours a day, cats are known to sleep for thirteen to fourteen hours a day. They have a very strong sense of smell which is fourteen times more than that of human. Cats see best at night but their sight during the day is six time less than that of man. Most cats have no eyelashes.<br />
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