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Knee Pain Prevention Plan

            If you have suffered from knee pain, you know that you never want to have this pain again. Every step can be painful, even worse, it can hurt while you're simply sitting doing nothing.  What can we do about knee pain and how can we prevent it from hurting us in the first place? Dr. Wright from  explains a few ways that we can prevent knee pain from occuring. 

The first area that should be looked at is the knee itself. Is the knee moving correctly in the first place? Proper knee alignment is top priority when addressing knee pain. If the knee is not moving properly it will wear the joint unevenly and leave you with an arthritic knee very quickly. Have a chiropractor check your knee alignment before starting the next step of strengthening the knee. 

Second, make sure the tissues around the knee are moving properly. If the muscles, tendons, or ligaments are too tight around the knee this can lead to unequal pressure on the knee joint. It's best to get a foam roller, rolling the inside, outside, front and back of the knee and thigh muscles. This are the major muscles that attache to and control the knee joint. 

Last, you will need to strengthen the knee joint with corrective exercises. One of the best exercises you can perform is a lunge. Be sure to loosen up first before starting this exercise, as tight muscles can make this exercise less effective. Doing these exercises will make a huge impact on preventing and recovering from knee pain.

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