Is There Such Thing As A Scam For Claim Compensation?

There are many possible ways that a person can cheat something. Let us base it on the technology now. No matter how secured a website or application is, there will always be a developed hack for it. If something modern is built to be not hacked but still can be hacked, how easier is it for the other normal people to be tricked? Just like for making a claim compensation, normal people handle the case for the claims and since they are normal people who have graduated in college and were trained to resolve something, they can easily be tricked considering they did not have any kind of special training for investigating. Before, people only need to tell the employee about what happened and then what applies is the sympathy. The more pitiful you sound like, the bigger chance of you winning the compensation.

It used to work like that. People make up stories and fake their tears just to get money and hospital insurance out of it. But then the fast increase in the numbers of people that request for claim compensation, they decided to start investigating and they have found half of it to be false. From that, they started investigating.

Is There Such Thing As A Scam For Claim Compensation? by
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