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Indulging In This Curry Will Make Me Lose Weight

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            Reading the title would just simply make you think to yourself that I am talking nonsense but hear (in this case, read) me out first. I love travelling. It gives me such a different kind of high in a sense that I am thrilled to learn new culture, expand my knowledge with history by learning about it firsthand, immerse myself with their current lifestyle and the best thing about it is, I get to taste genuine cuisine. In my recent travel to Jakarta, Indonesia, my first goal was to eat like a local. I have been craving for fish curry that is why I ordered Meen curry from one of the street food stalls just across the hotel where I was staying. I asked the food stall attendant on what was in the curry and was told that it was made from Garcinia Cambogia and different spices such as red chili, turmeric, coriander powders. The curry was absolutely amazing and delicious! I love anything that has a sour taste in food such as Tom Yum, Sinigang, and also tamarind dishes. I was intrigued by this Garcinia Cambogia the main ingredient which actually made the dish have its sour taste. <br /><br />While doing my research back at the hotel, I found out that Garcinia Cambogia, or more commonly called as kudam puli, came from the garcinia tree. It has a pumpkin-like shape, only smaller in size and is usually green or yellow in color. The benefit of this fruit extract is now also known to be a great food supplement for diet and weight loss. Sure it has its distinct smell, but some Asian cuisines are known that the fouler the better it tastes think about the fruit durian. Recent discoveries are now using selling its extract in a form of a capsule for weight management. It has no known adverse side effect because it is 100% natural and organic. This makes me think that Garcinia Cambogia or kudam puli will make dishes more satisfying and beneficial health-wise.<br />
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