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Implement Risk Management in your Work

A risk is understood as an uncertain event which should occur and will have a result in the position of the project. These uncertain events can be positive in which particular case it would be called the possibility, when negative it is named a Risk. Both have the common thread of uncertainty.You can also view nolift, to know the tricks and tips of risk management.

Here are the 6 steps to practice:

Step 1: Identify Risks: to be able to handle risks we must very first identify them. There are a number of ways of doing this including brainstorming plus the Delphi method.

Step 2: Designate Owner: you need to make someone inside the team responsible for handling the each item identified. Ownership ensures that it’s someone’s job to be focused on a particular risk.

Step 3: Review: here we examine the risk to understand the probability of the risk materializing along with the dimensions of the impact the risk could have on our project if it does materialize.

Step 4: Plan Mitigation: here we work out how we’re going to deal with each of the risks we’ve identified. Common means of handling risks include transferring the risk or treating the risk. Among risk transference might be to take out an insurance policy. In this way the risk is transferred from you to the insurer.

Step 5: Carry out Actions: here we implement what we planned in step several. So if in our example we decided to take out an insurance policy, in this task we would get quotes and take out the insurance.

Move 6: Monitor: every risk and action must be regularly monitored. Business environments and risks are constantly changing, so this step allows us to account for this.

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