How To File An Accident Compensation Claim

When an accident results to injuries or loss of life, the victim or the victims family can file an accident compensation claim from the guilty party. Some opts for amicable settlement where both parties agree on the amount of compensation. However, if an agreement is not reached, the aggrieved party can file a case on the court. Here are some steps to take when claiming compensation for injuries or death caused by accident.

First, if you have suffered from injuries, get a police report of the accident, and a medical certificate from your doctor. Hospital bills and medication bills must be presented. If you are employed, ask for an employment certificate from your employer stating your monthly pay. You need this when you apply loss of income for your accident compensation claim. If you are the next of kin of a person who died due to accident, your must have the police report, autopsy report, and death certificate. For sea or aviation accidents in which the victims body is not found, the manifest of the ship or airline will be useful. Next, find a good lawyer to file the case in court. Most transportation companies have good lawyers so you also need one.

Follow these steps so that your lawyer will be able to have a strong case for you to avail of accident compensation claim.

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