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How To Deep Fry The Perfect Chips

Although deep frying chips does not require you to be a master chef there are definitely a few good tips that help you make a chip that even your local chippy would be proud of. The truth is your local chippers goal is make a delicious chip rather than make a delicious and healthy chip, but you can do both! The first thing you should do is go get yourself a Tefal Actifry machine from  which uses a small percent of the oil and fat that a standard deep fat fryer uses. 

Although the Actifry machine takes a bit longer to cook the chips they are very crispy afterwards and in my opinion nicer than my local chipper who uses very fatty oils to cook the chips. Another trick I like to do is put a small bit of paprika and salt on the chips to give them a spicey taste. Once cooked I like to leave them in some kitchen towel for a minute to dry up any excess grease. 

Once done add some garli mayo sauce and you have a delicious chip! Give it a try and let me know what you think of this simple recipe. Thanks for reading. 

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