Guide to Becoming a Welcoming Church

Sometimes a church can be quite intimidating to many people because of the way it is presented publicly. If you want to increase your church attendance and dispel myths about your church, it is important that you take the necessary steps to ensure that it is as welcoming as it can be. You could begin by looking into some church promotional products to give away and to change the way your church staff approach people that might be interested in attending. Here is a guide on how to make your church a more welcoming place for people.

In order to change the way your church is perceived by the public, it may be best to encourage all your members and not just the church leadership and staff to be more welcoming of people that have shown interest in joining. Greet new people with an abundance of enthusiasm and offer assistance if needed. Remember, that it only takes one bad experience with a church staff or member and it will ruin the way your church is perceived. Make sure to assign greeters with name tags at all entrances or hallways that visitors may pass through. Make sure to reserve parking spaces or post signs to where visitors can safely park their vehicles near the church entrance. During the church service, make sure to inform the visitors of what is going on so that they can be guided and that they could follow along and participate actively. Never assume that all of the people understand the order of the service. Inform them on when to stand, kneel, how to take communion and how the songs are sung. Make sure to provide your new visitors with informative literature that features a brief history of your church. State your liturgical mission and vision in the packet and provide information on the schedule of liturgical services. Check out Growth Partners International for more ideas on church promotion products.

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