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Get a six pack in 6 weeks!

Sounds like a fantasy and for some people being honest it is, but for your average guy or girl who is between 15 – 20% body fat then this is totally doable. I am not a fan of unsustainable diets as they usually backfire and leave you worse off than you were before as you cave in eventually and turn into a cookie monster or whatever your favorite food it. I keep to a simple diet that lets me eat what I like in parts and cuts out carbs in other parts. So lets get stuck in.

First thing in the morning I have a protein shake followed by a 1 hour workout followed by another protein shake. Then I go for a proper breakfeast of pretty much whatever I like but I try to get some protein in there too such as eggs. For lunch again I eat whatever I like but try to get some protein. Now for dinner I only have a protein source and cut out the carbs. For example I might throw some chicken chunks in my the deep fat fryer I got from  or throw a steak on the George Foreman.

This means that you bracket your workout with carbs and protein but later in the day you only have a protein source and cut out the carbs. Not that hard is it? Try it for a few weeks and trust me unless you are snacking in between you will se a huge difference in body composition! Try it out! 

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