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Free Xbox Live Gold Codes No Surveys Or Downloads 2014

I was recently asked by a friend to tell him something about free xbox live gold codes no surveys or downloads 2014 which he obviously did not have a clue about. However, he could have simply asked me how to have free membership on xbox live instead of beating about the bush, but I guess I understand where he was coming from. And I could not even feel like he was wrong in phrasing his question the way he did as he may not have wanted to sound like he was a freebie hunter. The sort of feeling that people get when they are desperate for things that they believe others have no issues managing them.

So, to answer his question, I simply referred him to a couple of websites that I believed had all of the information for him to go through in his spare time. I did not act rude or senseless by asking him what the purpose behind his question may have been as I understand the feelings of such people better than they can do themselves. Well of course not in the case of everyone but only as far as my close friends and relatives are concerned. Yeah, I felt like clarifying this before you start asking me what you may be thinking about.

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