Five lessons from nature

In today’s fast-moving world, material things quickly lose their sparkle only to be replaced by something new for those who can afford it. Those who cannot afford it are in a constant state of perceived lack. We are moving away from nature. We now live in a world that is ruled by materialistic things and we are running after them. Here are five lessons from nature:

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If you need a reminder of life’s natural abundance, spend time with nature. It always has something to tell us if we are willing to listen.

  1. Trees teach us the importance of having strong roots. With strong roots, we can withstand any storm.
  2. Flowers remind us that we bloom at exactly the right time and not a moment sooner. Some things are simply outside of our control and all we can do is turn towards the sun.
  3. Butterflies inspire us to fly. They do not allow their past limitations to define them. They simply spread their wings and flutter by.
  4. The cat, asleep on the porch for hours, reminds us that rest is important! We cannot always be on the prowl.
  5. Sunrise is evidence that we can trust. If planets can revolve around the sun without our input, how many other aspects of our lives will work out perfectly fine without our meddling?

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And when you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall, sometimes the boldest move to make is to make no move at all. Be a tree. Be a flower. Be a butterfly. Be a cat. Be the sun.

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