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Finding A Real Irish Pub In RI

Irish pubs are a popular type of pub here in the United States. A good Irish pub should have relatively inexpensive good ole comfort food that tastes great. It should also have a large variety of beers on draft and they better be served in a pint glass. If not, then it is simply not the real thing. And I'll add that they better have Guinness on draft as that is a staple in any Irish Pub around the world.

When you are in an Irish pub here in the states, you should feel like you are back in Ireland and a part of the community. That is one of the best parts of an Irish Pub, the fact that you can go, find a seat and speak with all of your neighbors.

I live in Rhode Island and there are a lot of Irish Pubs in RI. Though there really is only one Irish Pub that I can call my favorite. But that is not to say that there are not other good Irish Pubs in RI. But you'll just have to visit Rhode Island and head to the nearest Irish pub. Just make sure that you look into the pub before committing. You may find that some of the Irish pubs in RI are not real Irish Pubs. By that I mean that they are not meeting the criteria that I listed above. That is something that is very important.

If you have ever been to Ireland then chances are that you went to a couple of Irish Pubs while you were there. Remember the feeling that you felt while you were there? You should have felt as if you were a part of the community and felt very included by everyone that was at the Irish Pub, no matter where they were all from.

I have been to Ireland once and I spent a lot of time in pubs while I was there. They all had the same feeling that I would get at a good Irish Pub in RI. But it did give me a new appreciation of my favorite pub in Rhode Island. I definitely  can appreciate everything that they did to the pub to make it look like a real Irish Pub that is in Ireland.

If you do not live in Rhode Island then just look up where the closest Irish Pubs are in your area. You should be able to find multiple Irish Pubs in your area as they are popping up all around the United States. Just make sure that when you are looking up the different Irish Pubs, that you read the reviews and look for pictures of the pubs. You should be able to see if the pub is a legitimate Irish Pub by doing that. You do not want to waste your time with an Irish Pub that is not legitimate.

The most important thing is that you support your local Irish Pub and your local community by visiting your local Irish Pub.

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