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Everest Base Camp Trek: Journey at the Top of the World

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            Everest region trek is a strong method of the root of the world's highest mountain - Mount Everest. It's among the most popular trekking destinations of Nepal. 1000s of trekkers visit this beautiful region of Nepal every year.<br /><br />The Everest region (area around Khumbu) is often known as your home of Sherpa people and the mysterious Yeti. The trek around Khumbu contains not just the trail to Everest Base Camp but in addition Namche Bazar, where its visitor finds it pleasant to have the heart of Sherpa culture, the people of Nepal Himalayas. You can also search  on the internet.<br /><br />Furthermore, your experience in Lukla, Tyangboche and the whole Solukhumbu location will stay unique.<br /><br />Trekking to Everest Base Camp is one of the most famous trekking routes. The Everest Trek is a huge center of attraction for trekkers and climbers since 1953. The way to Everest Base Camp hasbeen carefully developed for hiking, with well-maintained trails and a lot of guest houses.<br /><br />Trekking to Everest may be the subject of pleasure. There are lots of reasons behind this.<br /><br />First, the spot seems too beautiful for those who wish to go to worlds highest snow peak. Everest base camp trek, furthermore, sounds equally intimate that it uses the footfall of renowned mountaineers, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa. Additionally, the path also results in Dudh koshi area and woods of blooming rhododendron, blue pine and fir.<br /><br />Next, Everest Region Trekking is common for bio-diversity also. This area is full of high-alpine vegetation and wildlife that include the Himalayan tar, musk deer, mouse, hare and rare birds like snow crow and snow pigeon amongst others. You can also search Everest Base Camp on the internet.<br /><br />Along with walking and trip, trekking to Everest is cultural tour also. Namche-bazaar, the Tengboche monastery and Kalapatthar course allow its people to understand Buddhist tradition and its history. The Buddhist monuments of the Sherpas called Chorten, Stupa and Gompas displays distinctive cultural values of upper Himalayan area.<br />
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