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Does Deer Antler Spray Really Work?

            Some reports say that popular athletes are using the antler spray. The last case was one about the American football player Ray Lewis. There were reports on the Internet and in the newspapers that this rugby player has been using the spray mentioned. He later claimed that the statement is not true. This dietary supplement is sometimes controversial because not all sport organizations approve its use. But what the antler spray is used for at all? Its use is not something new, but rather old and well known in traditional Chinese medicine. It was used for hundreds of years in order to cure variety of diseases. Some of the diseases were related to problems with kidneys. In modern society, it is known as a dietary supplement that makes the muscles grow bigger. <br /><br />When taken from the deer antler, the velvet is frozen and then sent to producers who can make a spray for athletes. Some say that the injection gives better results, but the spray is easily used and does not demand preparations like the injection does. The spray is supposed to refresh tired muscles if a person who is exercising feels fatigue. Many people who do strong and hard workouts sometimes lose the will and are challenged to give up, but the antler spray is made for such cases especially.<br />
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