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The popular Dash And Dot Robots are two robots interact with five free apps, so that kids can play with them in many ways. Some of those users have been in Deal dash since the beginning and have won many bid packs, making their bid cost next to nothing. We’ll review their bread & butter, the Sport (which used to be called the Navigator), then discuss their other models. Fast forward to October when Wonder Workshop posted about the first ever Wonder League competition with all the cool missions in great detail. For children 8 and up, Blockly and Wonder offer fun challenge tutorials that teach them programming—while they’re having fun making Dash do lots of funny things.

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Boulder, CO-based Sphero (formerly called Orbotix) also offer its own pair of programmable robot toys in the form of Ollie and Sphero. Hopefully Wonder Workshop continues to improve Dot & Dash’s compatibility as well as adding new features and refinements to their companion apps. This is great article for beginners to really gives them an overall picture of Deal Dash.

Taking up about four times the space of Dot, Dash can roll in any direction, turn and tilt its head, light up, and make sounds. Then, you’ll need to place Dash & Dot on the floor, turn them on, and then enable Bluetooth on your tablet. My granddaughter who is 8 absolutely loved this Unfortunately, less than a week after Christmas, the larger robot would not take a charge. Dot is stationary and is better suited to create games, such as hot potato and magic 8 ball, and to interact with Dash. Listening to music with Dash isn’t as good as high-end IEMs, but considering how much technology Bragi managed to cram into the earbuds’ compact footprint, the sound quality is pleasing and well-rounded.

PLEASE NOTE: This app requires a Wonder Workshop robot – Dash or Dot – and a supported Bluetooth Smart/4-enabled iPad to play. I’ve been trying to get my kids engaged in coding for years but this little robot did it in his first hour with them. This year, Orbotix, the makers of Sphero created SPRK , a program that teaches programming with Sphero and its cousin, the Ollie, a cylindrical robot named after a skateboard stunt. Dash and Dot are powerhouses packed with fun, critical thinking, and problem solving. They can access the Wonder Workshop playbook through the Swift Playgrounds installed on their iPads. Compose and loop some original tunes or play some old favorites as Dash drives around!

You can purchase Dash and Dot, along with any accessories you may want to add to your programming package, at Wonder Workshop’s Web page or through Amazon with free Prime shipping. Kids complete puzzles to learn hands-on what the robots can do. As they complete the quests, memories telling the story of Dash and Dot’s invention are unlocked along with different special abilities.

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