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Correct Posture While Standing and Sitting

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            For the last 3 years I have been working for <a href="">Greater Life Family Chiropractic</a>&nbsp;and it has really opened my eyes about how many people suffer from bad posture.&nbsp; Lately I have people watching while I am out and have noticed how many people have their shoulders rolled forward and are creating a round hump in their back, the saddest part is these people I am seeing look very young.&nbsp; I think to myself, &ldquo;What are they going to look like in 5 years?&rdquo;&nbsp; I want to run over to them and tell them to stand up straight and bring their shoulders back!&nbsp; I can&rsquo;t imagine what they will look like in 20 years if they continue to allow their body to fall forward.&nbsp; However it is not only people who are standing, I am noticing people sitting in chairs, hunched over or slouched down &nbsp;half way off their chairs.&nbsp; Not only can bad posture cause back pain, but it can cause the whole alignment of your body to shift and create even more health problems and aches and pains.

The first thing you need to understand is what good posture really is.  Good posture merely means keeping your body in proper alignment.  It requires a straight back, squared shoulders (pulled down and away from your ears), chin parallel with the ground, chest out, no arch in the back and hips aligned with your feet.  The best way to check and correct your posture is to look at the side of your body in a mirror.  The ears should align with the shoulders and the hip.  This should be a very comfortable position for your body, if it is not your body may be out of alignment and you should visit your local San Diego Chiropractors to get an alignment check.   

Another great way to check your alignment and feel what good posture feels like is to stand with your back against the wall.  The back of your head, shoulders and butt will be touching the wall.  It may feel awkward or uncomfortable if your body is not in proper alignment however try to replicate this position through out your day, after time it will become natural to you.  Your body has a memory and will conform to however you stand over time.  Correcting your posture may help to alleviate pain, stress and discomfort.  If you are sitting for most of the day, notice how you sit and where your body is positioned.  Make sure your chair is ergonomically correct and provides proper back support; you can also use a pillow if needed.  Your shoulders should be straight and squared and your head upright and both feet should be flat on the floor.  Check your neck and make sure it is proper alignment with your spine, you shouldn’t have any crinkles in the back of the neck and your chin should be parallel with the floor.  


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