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Chimney Protection

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            Chimney cowls are a must have for anyone with a functioning chimney. The advantages of them prevent soot and smoke flowing back into the homes of those with open fires, birds and rain from entering the chimney and fireplace. There are many places where the most popular chimney cowls can be purchased from on the high street such as B&Q, Wickes and Homebase, but if you are not really sure what kind of chimney cowl you should be getting from your chimney then looking online at a chimney cowl specialist might just be the thing you need to do. There are several different sites that are dedicated to chimney cowls and other chimney accessories including,  and All three of these sites have a wide range of products available and good explanations as to which cowls are suitable for different flues and fires. There is not really a general rule of one cowl fits all when it comes to chimney cowls so it is best to look at your fire, your chimney and what problems you have that need to be solved by a cowl. If it is just a bird and rain problem, then there are several cheaper options than getting an all singing and dancing downdraught reducing cowl.
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