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Cheats for Call of Duty Advance Warfare

There are so many cod advanced warfare hacks available online that it makes you wonder how many people play fair anymore. You can even automate your weapons to automatically get head shots every time that you shoot. I am overwhelmed by how many different advances you can get on these games with a simple click of the mouse. Cheats are unlocked in the game by inserting passwords that are easy to find but need to be connected with Intel Pieces throughout the game. These pieces are on the left of the screen and your unlocked cheats on the right. The more of these pieces that you have, the more cheats you can unlock.

It seems like adding the cheats is becoming its own virtual game within the game as it is not by any means as easy as it sounds. It is not even about the actual weapons or skills anymore when it comes to these cheats. You can advance so much that you can even exceed through ranks and levels with these cheats. This is generally when all the annoyance from other players comes in as they play fair to get these achievements well others use the easy way out and advance unfairly.

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