Certified And Uncertified Diamonds

A certificate does not change the nature of a diamond in any way. The difference between a certified and an uncertified diamond is that, with the certified diamond, you have real, legal guarantees as to the particular nature and quality of the diamond you are purchasing.

A certified diamond comes with a diamond grading report guaranteed by a qualified gem lab. This report assures the customer that the diamond is independently recognized as possessing all the qualities specified by that report. All the diamonds featured in the Diamond Store on our site are certified by either GIA or AGS. When you buy a certified diamond, you are getting a diamond with beauty and pedigree.

On the other hand, an uncertified diamond is not accompanied by a diamond grading report and its quality is measured by the words of the seller.

An uncertified diamond is not automatically a bad diamond; it can be as beautiful as its certified counterpart. DiamondBuyerNYC encourage customers to buy certified diamonds .You can buy certified diamonds by visiting . Shopping for certified diamonds allows you to make an informed choice about your selections. You can compare one diamond with a particular weight and quality with other diamonds of similar weight and determine which one is more valuable.

A diamond grading report adds value to a diamond. The quality assessments made by independent labs, such as GIA or AGS are recognized worldwide. These quality assessments are used by appraisers to determine the insurance or replacement value of your diamond.

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