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Anki Drive Review, That Familiar Feeling Of Playing Something Totally New

Askiver tries to give you an straight answer for any question you may have.  This adaptability is one huge reason Anki might be more than a holiday-season gadget, like a wheeled-iPhone Romo , that will melt as soon as the weather warms: Whereas most toys get boring and slot-racing ossified into an insular hobby for devoted tinkerers, Anki’s app is more accessible, all virtual, and open to future software updates at any time.

It's really compelling if you're used to the rewards systems of video games and like to see progress in what you do. It's fun, and let lets you enjoy some variety with the cars as different weapons and items behave differently and require new strategies to use and avoid.

Anki Drive uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver a fantastically exciting new racing game and track – race the intelligent cars around the track using an app on your Apple iOS device, the AI cars own the road; they know your every move and the more you drive, the more they evolve and react differently over time!

By creating a toy for the mass market at a relatively low price point (currently said to be US$200 for a starter set), Anki expressed an interest in the opportunity to build demand now, and when technology advances in a few more years, be in a position to jump start something even more impressive in the field of AI.

The big difference between traditional and digital Scalextric is that you can individually control multiple cars on the same track – a chip in the car ‘pairs' with the hand controller – and you can switch lanes at the press of a button when you approach the lane change section of track.

Anki Drive Review, That Familiar Feeling Of Playing Something Totally New by
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