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All-On-4 Saves Oral Health

            The Malo clinic specialist in Brisbane, Australia has designed a technique for patients who lost all their teeth. That can be a result of an injury or some severe disease like the periodontal disease. In some cases, the periodontal disease can be so severe that the person loses a dental bone too. But the technique designed in a dental clinic in Brisbane has made possible for even such patients to have teeth again. The team at the Malo Clinic has made the All-On-4 method that includes placing four dental implants in both lower and upper jaw. <br /><br />The titanium implants work as a foundation for the dental bridge also specially designed by Malo clinic specialist. This approach has been developed 10 years ago and now is available in Queensland. The method described is done in Queensland only. The Malo clinic provides the procedure and the care also. But if a patient needs only one or few dental implants, that is also possible. The point is that dental implants make the patient feel the same as when having natural teeth. But caring for implants should be continued. They need to be washed, brushed and flossed, as well as natural teeth. Also, they should be examined by a dentist regularly.<br />
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