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All About Patient Slings

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            Manual handling of a patient and transfer can frequently be a very hard and nerve-racking task. However, in the event that you're still using this system there's really no longer any demand. Patient slings are the most comfortable and worry free way of transferring a patient so that this can now become a simpler job.<br /><br />What's a Patient Sling?<br /><br />A sling is a part of handling and moving gear which was made to ease a transfer of a patient, whose freedom is restricted, using a mechanical lift. This technology is a specially designed and built piece of fabric, which is put under and around a patient before being connected to the cradle of a lift. This is used to lift, transfer and lower the individual. When chosen and used correctly, a patient sling and lift will reach a safer transport. Additionally, <a href="">nolift</a> training will decrease the hazards related to manual handling.<br /><br />The edges of a Patient Sling.<br /><br />The three major edges of a patient sling are:<br /><br />It enables substantial patients to be transferred readily that will reduce the strain on health professionals and additionally cutting down the number of individuals needed to transfer the patient<br /><br />In addition, it reduces the chance of orthopedic injury from lifting patients. And lastly, it helps patients who have medical conditions that don't permit them to be bent to be transferred
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